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About Us

After years of experience in advertising, Adventure Group, entered into the Hospitality industry, where our sole perspective is to promote those restaurants/hotels who want to transmute themselves in the market.
We prepare deliberate tactics about the brand personality, brand values and brand positioning. The whole strategy is done smartly and is lined up behind the brand keeping in consideration about the client’s long term profits.
At Adventure Group, our mission is to provide ultimate assistance and consultancy to those hospitality industries that are either planning to revive or thinking of transforming themselves in the market.
No upfront and huge investments in the case of ATL activities (advertisements (TV / Paper) ,News paper inserting etc.)
Enhanced footfall -Resulting in higher incremental revenue
Enhanced brand awareness and customer loyalty
Higher customer satisfaction scores
Increase brand loyalty from existing customers
Creating new customer Base
Generate higher revenues (via increased footfall)
Target to serve elite/ crème customers
Elucidate Brand value
We prepare a full- fledged strategy, based on the USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition) and EVP’s (Extra Value Perception). It widely includes: -
Direct Marketing
CORPORATE CAMPAIGNS (discount coupons)